In the table below you can find the download links of the GPS tracks of the routes.

Tracks Download
Tracks – MTB bikes Download
Tracks – Trekking bikes Download

Most of you will already be able to use them, but here is a guide for the beginners.

For this tutorial, we will use the app that enables the use of KML tracks and the offline visualization of maps even when you don’t have data connection (very important in remote areas and to preserve your battery). It works both with iOS and with Android and it’s a free app.


1. Download app from your own app store.

2. Download the zip file containing the GPS tracks via one of the links in the table above.

3. Extract the file in a folder of your Smartphone.

4. Select the desired track file.

5. A new window will open in order to ask you what to do with the KML file. You select the icon, as shown below.

4. When the app opens, we retrieve the bookmarks list. We pick the right track.


5. The app will show the main waypoints. We click on “Other” and, then, on “View on the Map”. The track will be correctly visualized.


ATTENTION: offers several very useful tools, but doesn’t allow to view the elevation profile. If you wish to use thismfunction, there are some other apps, free or not, to do so: EasyTrails (iOs) or OruxMaps (Android) are two of them.