“TripPuzzle” is an Incoming Tour Operator and it is born from our passion for Sicily.
We like to refer to our land as Continent due to its richness and variety in Art, Culture, Tradition, Food and Wine, Natural Beauty and Hospitality.
For this reason, we enthusiastically joined the Magna Via Francigena project, because it represented a possibility for people to get to know a less famous Sicily, made of small villages, breathtaking scenery, authentic human relationships and little known excellences.
We created, along the Magna Via Francigena, several “themed” itineraries, like the Food and Wine one, the Archological one, the Religious one, where at every stage, we allowed people to face a short path, walking through such marvelous places accompanied by a naturalist guide and then continuing with a minivan or minibus.
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For further information visit: http://www.trippuzzle.com/it/tour-trippuzzle/cammini