3. Corleone > Prizzi

Municipalities: Prizzi, Santa Cristina Gela
Trail lenght: 19,2 Km
Max. height: 973 mt.
Elevazione minima:: 529 mt.
Difficulty: Medium
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Stage Description

Stage: 45% asphalt – 55% gravel/dirt road
Slope: 23,9%

With its hundred Baroque churches, its waterfalls, its rough, authentic beauty and its people who want to leave behind the clichés and tell their story instead of focusing on the difficult past that involved politics and everyday-life, Corleone opens its doors to pilgrims. Even though it is not a partner of the project, Corleone welcomes wanderers as Sicilians do, with a bright smile and open arms – those of the volunteers from the Magna Via Francigena – Corleone Committee, who strongly believe that a better future is possible. A visit to the Archaeological Museum in Corleone with its precious Roman milestone is a must. Don’t miss out on the itinerary of the anti-mafia movement through the narrow streets of Corleone and make sure you visit the CIDMA (International Documentary Center of Mafia and the No Mafia Movement) and the legality lab. Both institutions cooperate in communicating civic values such as active citizenship to Sicilian people of all ages. Corleone is the place where the past and present of the island meet, a past that is rich in history and sorrow.

The track continues from Corleone following the Royal Road (regia trazzera) RT 80 across the plain Piano della Scala until it reaches the ruins of the Church of Santa Maria della Scala. If you close your eyes, you can still hear the clatter of horse-drawn carts and people passing by. Further afield you walk past another Byzantine vantage point, Cozzo Spolentino, located at 905m above sea level and then, following the Viale delle Sorgenti, you continue on the drover’s road that leads to Masseria Imbriaca and its ridge from where you walk down towards the north shore of the artificial lake of Prizzi. The town of Prizzi is set on top of a hill and you face a steep climb with an elevation gain of 400m before you reach your destination.

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