San Giovanni Gemini

Municipality of San Giovanni Gemini

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Cenni storici e sul territorio:

The origins of San Giovanni Gemini date back to 1451, when Federico Abatellis, Count of Cammarata, was granted the privilege of a building permission (jus aedificandi) on his lands by king Ferdinand. In 1507, the Counts were given the licentia populandi, the permission to bring settlers from other parts of the island to the flat area near Cammarata, on the other side of the Turibolo river. The celebrations of the patron saint on the 24th of June have a strong popular appeal, just as the festivities in honor of Jesus of Nazareth which take place on the second Sunday of June, when people flock around the traditional Triumphal Chariot decorated with velvet drapes, paper mache flowers and colored fabrics and flags.