Municipality of Milena

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7. Sutera > Racalmuto/Grotte
Water source
Religious places

Cenni storici e sul territorio:

Milena, formerly known as Milocca (from the Arabic word Mulok, meaning “cherry” or “vast property”), was founded in 1924 by King Victor Emmanuel III of Italy. In 1933, the village was renamed in Milena in honor of Queen Milena of Montenegro, the mother of the king’s wife Queen Elena. Milena is a municipality with a mainly rural economy that tries to provide new job opportunities by investing in the reforestation of abandoned or neglected farmland, a policy that is considered beneficial to the environment.
There are number of religious and folkloristic celebrations all year round, such as the famous Carnival with its giant allegorical floats and the traditional culinary event celebrating the local dish li purpetta cu lu sucu (meat balls with tomato sauce).