Joppolo Giancaxio

Municipality of Joppolo Giancaxio

Religious places

Cenni storici e sul territorio:

Joppolo Giancaxio, a village in the province of Agrigento, was founded by Calogero Gabriele Colonna, Duke of Cesarò, but its origins go back to ancient times. According to some historians who studied the etymology of the two fiefs upon which the village was built, the first settlements date back to the Arab period. They presume that Giancaxio derives from the words Jan and càscr (castle) and therefore stands for Gianni’s Castle. The name Joppolo is assumed to be the Duke’s homage to his wife Rosalia Joppolo. Among the preserved monuments, we would like to point out the prestigious Castello Ducale Colonna, as well as a few paintings and statues, especially those found in the churches of the Madonna del Carmine (Our Lady of Mount Carmel) and San Francesco. The area of Joppolo is crossed by the river called Akragas or Drago. Popular celebrations include those in honor of San Giuseppe and the Madonna del Carmine and, above all, the Pastoral festivities that take place on the 6th of January.