Castronovo di Sicilia

Municipality of Castronovo di Sicilia

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Cenni storici e sul territorio:

Castronovo di Sicilia is a municipality in the province of Palermo, and its origins go as far back as to the prehistoric era, according to the archaeological findings of a troglodyte settlement in Contrada Grotte, alongside the Platani river, which is associated with the ancient population of the Sicanians. The name of Castronovo evolved over time, the Arabs called it Kars-nubu, while the Normans called it Castrum. In the early 12th century, when the citadel on the rock (now the archaeological site of the ancient Kassar) that dominated the place was destroyed, part of the population moved down the hill and founded two villages around the two springs Rabat and Rakal-biat. Today’s town goes back to these two villages.

Thanks to the abundance of water and the mild climate Castronovo can be considered a paradise where aromatic herbs thrive well and give the local cheeses their unique flavor. The area is also renowned for its high-quality meat from the Sicani Mountains and its excellent olive oil.