Municipality of Cammarata

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Cenni storici e sul territorio:

Cammarata, on the foothills of the eponymous mountain, is a town in the province of Palermo, set at about 700 meters above sea level. The area of Cammarata is densely wooded and has clean and healthy air. The archeological findings all over the area prove that it has been inhabited since the Roman or even the prehistoric times. The County of Cammarata was influenced by the historical events that occurred in Sicily, it passed from the Normans to the Hohenstaufen and it experienced prosperity and peace during the 15th century under the rule of the Abatellis dynasty who made the best use of the available resources, especially with the mining of rock salt. The castle with its Aragonese architecture was inhabited by the lords of Cammarata until the 17th century. Today, the small town is renowned for its excellent produce and its evocative Mount Cammarata Nature Reserve, set in the Sicani Mountains, with its delightful panoramas, hundreds of indigenous herbs and several protected animal species.

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