Municipality of Agrigento

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Cenni storici e sul territorio:

Agrigento is a city that experienced prosperity, destruction and renewal under each civilization that ruled it throughout its millennial history. Founded by Greek colonists from Rhodes and Crete in 581 B.C., Akràgas became one of the most important and prosperous cities in the Mediterranean during the following century. The extraordinary findings displayed at the Regional Archaeological Museum as well as the majestic Valley of the Temples, a UNESCO world heritage site, illustrate the glorious past of the city. Present-day Agrigento has preserved evidence of its Hellenistic and Roman past as the city of Agrigentum, with remains of elegant aristocratic villas and the classic street layout in the Hellenistic-Roman quarter. The Archaeological Museum and Park host big cultural events on a regular basis. An oasis of extraordinary beauty is set in the very heart of the Archaeological Park, the Garden of the Kolymbetra, managed by the Italian environmental organization FAI. Among the most popular celebrations are the Almond Blossom Festival and the festivities in honor of San Calogero.

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